As you may imagine, the fuel system of any vehicle possesses a certain degree of intricacy. With all the parts and components that enable the efficient operation of your Toyota, it's a system that will need maintenance and upkeep.

Over time, fuel and air deposits can build up inside your fuel injectors and injector nozzles, as well as the engine. These buildups can interfere with fuel flow and engine operation, leading to a reduction in the engine performance as well as a reduction your gas mileage. At the Handy Toyota Service Center, our fuel induction service also includes a fuel injection service. With fuel injection, we introduce cleaning agent into the injection nozzles to return the spray pattern and flow of fuel to its normal operating state. A fuel induction service goes beyond the injection system and cleans valves, combustion chambers, and more - bringing new life to your car.

So wherever you are in St. Albans City or Colchester, Handy Toyota is well equipped to handle fuel system maintenance, diagnosing and repair - all in one convenient spot.

Our service department is known throughout South Burlington for the expertise shown in Toyota SUV fuel systems.

What Comprises the Fuel System of my Car, Truck, or SUV?

Several different components make up the fuel system. In general, the fuel system delivers fuel from the tank to engine. Fuel pumps and lines, a fuel-pressure indicator, fuel filter and injectors all encompass the fuel system.

And, although these parts were built-to-last, the fuel filter is likely to be replaced at regular servicing intervals. But be mindful of parts and components as they relate to engine performance.

Here's a breakdown:

Fuel Injectors

The all-important fuel injectors incorporate an electronically controlled valve, and a nozzle that will spray fuel into the engine's intake ports and directly into engine cylinders. This rather recent design has mitigated what used to be referenced as engine flooding.

So, if you notice rough engine performance or hesitation, it may signal parts' failure. A leak of fuel may also be the culprit, and dangerous as a result. This will take place at the sealed meeting of injector and engine.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter prevents debris from clogging or damaging those precious fuel injectors, and the engine as a whole.

Toyota has set parameters of when to replace fuel filters. And this best gleaned near Essex Junction at Handy Toyota. Our highly skilled technicians are well apprised and knowledgeable of those servicing intervals, and what will be examined and remedied during.

Though a clogged filter will present rough running of the engine between Burlington and South Burlington, and may illuminate the "Check Engine" warning light.

Fuel Pump

When commuting into Colchester, you won't notice that the fuel pump sends fuel from tank to engine. The pump is electrically powered and located in or on the fuel tank itself. Any replacement of this part should be done only when it's been confirmed the issue isn't electrical or within the fuel lines.

Fuel System Servicing at Handy Toyota Near Essex Junction

With time, deposits of air and fuel may build inside fuel injectors, nozzles and the engine itself. This may be seen in lessened gas mileage and a hesitant engine.

Handy Toyota and its prized service department know all those factors that may inhibit engine performance.

With Handy Toyota's fuel induction and injector servicing, your Toyota engine is availed of a cleaning agent that promotes the original, regular spray pattern and flow of fuel. Engine valves are cleaned and combustion chambers made spotless. All in the effort of restoring unrivaled Toyota performance and gas mileage.

Full Servicing and Maintenance at Handy Toyota Near Colchester

It's rather convenient for our service department to offer a whole host of car repair, car servicing and overall maintenance in one location. And with service specials offered, it pays to drop by Handy Toyota.

So, whether your Toyota needs an oil change, tire rotation, brake-system servicing or wheel alignment, Handy Toyota has the skilled technicians and equipment for a job performed right. At the very heart of this professionalism is our commitment to client satisfaction throughout.

So, visit our local South Burlington service center today, or make an servicing appointment.


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  • Sales: (800) 266-0683
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