Rent-A-Toyota: Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Why do I have to put $100.00 hold on my credit/debit card? 

    We want to make sure the vehicle is returned in the same condition it was when you started your rental with us, and a $100 deposit ensures this. You can expect a clean, damage-free vehicle with a full tank of gas.


2.    When will the $100 hold be released? 

    It depends on the type of card being used, but on average, expect the $100 hold to be released between 7 and 30 days. If you'd like more information about this, contact your credit card company.


3.    What is the limit for miles? 

    None, Handy Cars rentals come with unlimited mileage!


4.    Why can't I have a pet in the vehicle? 

    Handy Cars and Toyota Motor Company require all rentals to be pet free for health and safety reasons. We love our pets, too, but we know how much they can shed sometimes.


5.    Why can't I smoke in the vehicle? 

    Similar to our pet policy, Handy Cars, Toyota Motor Company have a no-tolerance policy when it comes to smoking in rentals. Take a smoke break! Enjoy the scenery! 


6.    Does my insurance cover the rental? 

    It depends on your insurance. Contact your provider for more details


7.    How old do I have to be to rent a vehicle? 

    21+. No exceptions, sorry!


8.    How do the charges work?

    Rentals are based on a day-long, 24 hour rental period. Handy Cars understands traffic changes from day to day, and offers a one hour grace period. After that, we will charge you for an additional day's rental.


9.    Can I drop the vehicle off after hours, or days you are closed? 

    Vehicles can be dropped off after hours. You will not be charged an extra day, however you are responsible for that vehicle until we re-open.


10.    Can I purchase insurance coverage from Handy Cars? 

    No. We DO NOT offer insurance coverage. You must provide proof of coverage prior to a rental agreement being completed.


11.    Do I have to be a customer of Handy Toyota to rent a vehicle? 

    No, but we wouldn't mind if you were! All are welcome to rent from Handy Cars! 


12.    Can you pick me up?

    We have a shuttle that can transport you to and from our dealership during normal business hours. 


13.    What happens if I get a traffic ticket during my rental?

    You are responsible for all violations you incur while using your rental. That includes (but is not limited to) traffic, parking, and toll violations. Please let us know if you have a pending violation. 


14.    Where do I return my rental?

    The same place you picked the rental up from: 701 Highgate Road St Albans City, VT 05478.


15.    Where do I leave my vehicle before renting?

    You may leave your personal vehicle on site outside the front gate, but at your own risk. Handy Cars is NOT responsible for any damages or lost items.