Drive safely this winter with some help from Handy Toyota

As Vermonters, we know that winter here isn’t for the faint of heart. That's why Handy Toyota is dedicated to making sure our customers drive smoothly and safely all winter long. Our service center and parts center is readily available for our customers to take advantage of, so you can take the wheel with confidence knowing your vehicle is prepared for whatever Mother Nature sends our way.

Before the winter season begins, we suggest bringing your vehicle in for a routine service appointment. Our team of technicians will change your oil, rotate your tires, install snow tires, top off your wiper fluid and other engine fluids, and check to ensure your heating system works. We’re also able to install new windshield wipers if you're due for a new pair, replace any other part of your vehicle that's past its prime, align your front end and install an automatic starter. We also recommend keeping extra wiper fluid, gas and salt in your vehicle, just in case you run into any inclement weather that causes you get stuck without visibility or horsepower.

Drive without stress this winter: schedule a service appointment for your car at Handy Toyota today. We're looking forward to properly prepping your vehicle for any and all wintry conditions so you can keep moving without interruption.

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