9 Fun Activities to do During a Snowstorm

Stuck in a Blizzard with nothing to do? Here are 9 great activities for you and the kids to keep busy during a snowstorm. From arts and crafts to truth or dare to making a meal with the family there's something here for everyone!


1. Do arts and craftOK, we might not be in first grade, but that doesn't mean arts and crafts aren't fun anymore. Try making something to decorate your dorm room (like paper snowflakes in honor of the blizzard!) or print out "grown-up coloring books" and color them in.


2. DanceIt's a good way of exercising and bonding, and since it's in the comfort of your own dorm room, it really doesn't matter how stupid you look, which is always a plus. If you don't like dancing on your own, try YouTubing Just Dance videos and battling your friends!


3. Play hide and seekSet some ground rules and be reasonable so you don't get expelled, of course


4. Play Truth or dareTried and true. If you get sick of normal Truth or Dare, try Paranoia or Never Have I Ever.


5. Try cookingAttempt to use what you already have in your dorm room, and put your microwave to good use! Here are some mug cake recipes, although you might not have the ingredients with you already.


6. Pilates/yogaMy roommate made me do this yesterday and it still feels like I've been shot in the back of the legs. This is a great way to make yourself cry/exercise in substitution for running outside in the blizzard.

7. MeditatingSit in a comfortable position, and try to clear your mind.


8. Make up your own gameMy friends and I once came up with "blind hide and seek tag," where we crawled along the ground at each other (in a fairly open space) and tried to tag each other. Make up an equally stupid game, but don't be too stupid (just a little stupid).


9. Rearrange your roomThis one might take a fair amount of commitment, but if you've really run out of other things to do, this could be fu

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