Vermont's iconic swimming holes

Here is a list of the best swimming holes in Vermont! Some secluded, some at the top of a beautiful hike and others surrounded by the beautiful green mountains! Any of these places would make a great place to cool off on a hot summer day.


1. Bingham Falls, Stowe


A steep one mile down will lead you to a stunning waterfall, with an area for swimming. People have slipped, so be careful - strong swimmers only!


2. Dog River, West Berlin


Be careful hiking down a steep embankment to get to this gem of a hole. Whether you like large, shallow pools or if you’re looking to check out the two-person Jacuzzi spot, you’ll love the water chute that varies from five to eight feet (depending on the season) which pours you into the swimming hole. For the more adventurous, there is a side rock cliff for jumping that is about 20 feet into deep water.


3. Bristol Falls, Bristol


There’s nothing like swimming around a natural waterfall, and the Bristol Falls drop into a long, deep channel with many different jumping spots along the way. Check this place out and you’ll see why it’s so popular with the locals.


4. Buttermilk Falls, Ludlow


Three falls in separate areas create a mecca of pools and areas to relax and swim the day away. The falls and swimming areas are now preserved thanks to the Vermont River Conservancy.


5. Cavendish Gore, Cavendish


This is a great swimming hole that’s a little off the beaten path. Check out where the Black River spills over a dam and goes through this rugged and secluded gorge. There is loads to explore here with plenty of privacy. Please use caution when entering the gorge.


6. Devil's Gorge, Clarendon


You'll have to work to reap the rewards of this sweet spot. After a hike and a swim upstream from Clarendon's Gorge (a relatively long trek) you'll be rewarded with this private spot.


7. Warren Falls, Waitsfield


One of the best swimming holes in Vermont, this is a definite favorite. Check out more about Warren Falls here.


8. Marble Street Quarry, Rutland


Enjoy the beautiful surroundings while relaxing in this abandoned quarry in Rutland.


9. East Middlebury Gorge, Middlebury


You'll find places to jump and swim below the Route 125 bridge in this narrow gorge.


10. Pike Falls, Jamaica


You'll love swimming in the large pool at the bottom of the awesome Pike Falls.




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