13 Lakes in Vermont that not everyone knows about

Vermont is loaded with natural beauty, and the lakes here are no exception. Stunningly beautiful and nestled in mountain ranges, they are admired for their beauty and provide a natural playground for outdoor lovers. Whether you are partial to swimming, boating or simply relaxing on a sandy beach, these lakes have something for everyone.

1. Lake Eden

Beach and BBQ the summer days away on beautiful Lake Eden. A popular spot for camping as well as an abundance of water activities makes this place a favorite.

2. Lake Parker

Lake Parker, also known as Parker Pond, in West Glover is a popular place for lakefront homes.

3. Lake Willoughby

Tucked away in the northeast section of Vermont, Lake Willoughby's southern end is surrounded by the Willoughby State Forest, which includes Mount Pisgah, Mount Hor and Bartlett Mountain.

4. Lake Seymour

This freshwater lake is shaped like a giant 7. It's the second largest natural lake in Vermont and very, very cold.

5. Sunset Lake

Brookfield is best known for its floating bridge which spans Sunset Lake and is buoyed by pontoons.

6. Greenwood Lake

Camping, fishing, kayaking... You can do it all on Greenwood Lake in Woodbury.

7. Lake Whitingham

This 8-mile lake in Southern Vermont is is located near Vermont Route 100, which National Geographic praised as one of the ten most scenic highways in America.

8. Griffith Lake

Griffith Lake is a small lake and campsite located in Peru and Mount Tabor within the Green Mountain National Forest. Access to to this lake is through a combination of trails.

9. Crystal Lake

A great spot for fishing, this lovely lake in Barton is stocked with all types of fish. Not to mention its beautiful surroundings!

10. Lake Morey

Check out this great shot of Lake Morey from Eagle's Bluff on Echo Mountain.

11. Lake Champlain

Vermont's largest lake is awesome in every area, and the colors in this picture of Lake Champlain taken from Burton Island are bold and bright.

12. Lake Elmore

A stunningly misty day at Lake Elmore. Great hikes, camping and a sandy beach are among the many things to enjoy here.

13. Lake Bomoseen

This lake has a public beach, marinas, and public boat launches, in addition to the Bomoseen State Park. There are about 1,000 residences around the lake along with restaurants and other businesses.


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